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The process or technique of synthesizing research results by using various statistical methods to retrieve, select, and combine results from previous separate but related studies.
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The metaanalysis included data from 760,729 participants who were followed for a range of 3 to 37 years.
Fight for Sight-funded clinical researcher, professor Colin Willoughby, along with colleagues from Queen's University, performed a metaanalysis on more than 20,000 individuals from Europe and Asia.
We performed 2 analyses to address the issue: (a) an overall metaanalysis of the 19 new studies and the 86 earlier publications to determine whether any effect was apparent when all available data were used, and (b) a "dose--response analysis" comparing IHD risk (TT vs CC) according to the differences between TT and CC individuals with respect to homocysteine concentration in each study.
Green tea intake lowers fasting serum total and LDL cholesterol in adults: a metaanalysis of 14 randomized controlled trials.
An important limitation of the metaanalysis is that a single large trial, with a study population of 18,113 patients, overshadowed the findings from the other 6 trials, which had populations of 515 to 2,451 patients.
The authors conclude that their metaanalysis supports an association between occupational benzene exposure and risk of MM, ALL, and CLL.
Metaanalysis of the impact of nine medication classes on falls in elderly persons.
and his colleagues at the University of Hull (England), conducted a systematic review and metaanalysis to examine the overall efficacy of bipolar-disorder-specific psychological therapies and the impact of previous episodes on its efficacy in relapse prevention (Bipolar Disord.
A metaanalysis was conducted using 24 of 43 selected studies.
In his article on meta-analysis, Saxton provides an explanation of metaanalysis and briefly describes its application in LIS studies.
Formal metaanalysis of results was not attempted given the differences in context, setting, and type of outcomes.
The study, titled "Liquid-based cervical cytologic smear study and conventional Papanicolaou smears: A metaanalysis of prospective studies comparing cytologic diagnosis and sample adequacy," by Bernstein et al.