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 (mĕt′ə-kŏm′) Known as Phil·ip (fĭl′ĭp) Died 1676.
Wampanoag leader who waged King Philip's War (1675-1676) with New England colonists who had encroached on Native American territory.
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the estimate for the norfolk police project is (+/-) 6,000,000 and the estimate for the metacomet fit-out is (+/-) 1,900,000.
123) In 1676 when Metacomet was fatally shot, his corpse was dismembered, his head sent to Plymouth, his hands sent to Boston, and the rest of his torso left suspended from four different trees.
The property will add to the abutting 800-plus acres of mostly preserved open space made up of various contiguous parcels owned by the state, Metacomet Land Trust, Daniels Farmstead and the town of Mendon.
This is still your Plymouth, but there is no new Metacomet.
Quando Metacomet tentou defender seu povo, houve uma guerra declarada dos colonos contra os Wampanoag, que terminou tragicamente para os indios em Mount Hope, com a destruicao de todos os remanescentes da tribo, o esquartejamento de Metacomet e a posterior distribuicao das partes de seu corpo para as colonias, no intuito de coibir novas revoltas (AFTER THE MAYFLOWER, 2009).
Sanford; BLUEPRINT FOR THEOCRACY; Metacomet Books (Nonfiction: Political Science) 26.
Renamed "King Philip" by the white man, Metacomet watched the steady erosion of the lifestyle and culture of his people as European-imposed laws and values engulfed them.
I am irresistibly reminded of the fate of Metacomet, or King Philip, at the bloody end of King Philip's War in New England some 15 years earlier.
Stone based the five-act melodrama Metamora on the character of Metacomet, also known to the Puritan settlers as King Philip of Pokanoket--the "tragic hero" of King Philip's War in New England (1675-6).
He graduated to sous chef at the Metacomet Country Club in East Providence, R.
The land along Saltonstall Mountain is a unique open space that protects the Metacomet Ridge System--which runs through Connecticut to the Long Island Sound and into Massachusetts--the Farm River Estuary, the Pisgah Brook Preserve and local watershed.