n.1.(Anat.) A process projecting backward and downward from the acromion of the scapula of some mammals.
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Tilting of the acromion and metacromion will appear to produce proportionate narrowing of these structures.
This warp also includes displacements of the extreme points on the acromion and metacromion.
On W3, the center includes the dorsal edge of the acromion, whereas on W4, the center includes the posterior tip of the metacromion.
On W6, the tips of the acromion and metacromion have parallel displacements, whereas landmarks near the acromion-metacromion boundary are displaced in the opposite direction.
Chipmunks have +y loadings reflecting dorso-ventral compression of the supraspinous fossa with tilting of the acromion and lower metacromion.
striatus, are characterized by dorso-ventral compression of the acromion and ventral metacromion.