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Linking the "hooked noses" with Hirst, it thus becomes possible, through a complex metaleptical chain, to read Woolf as bewailing (through the Jew and in the novel as a whole) all that is erotically repulsive and threatening but also, ironically, infecund or unfertile.
This metaleptical structure, a confusion or substitution of causes and effects, far from resolving the problem of Clare's life and death, health or illness, instead repeats it.
The effect of such metaleptical reflexivity drops all distinctions between psyche and soma, life and death, history and fiction, into the mise en abyme of graphic narrative.
Is meaning in me, awaiting expression (parapractical), or something far far afield (metaleptical), for which I must quest: "I" only exists then for the search; object ousts subject.
There is always an over-determined discourse regarding Jews; the "metaleptical chain" that Trubowitz refers to connects the 1880s and the birth of British modernism to the 1930s and fascism.