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1. An intermediate layer of oceanic water in which temperature decreases more rapidly with depth than in the layers above and below it.
2. A layer in a large body of water, such as a lake, that sharply separates regions differing in temperature, so that the temperature gradient across the layer is abrupt.


(Physical Geography) a temperature gradient in a thermally stratified body of water, such as a lake


(ˈθɜr məˌklaɪn)

a layer of water in an ocean or certain lakes, where the temperature gradient is greater than that of the warmer layer above and the colder layer below.
[1895–1900; thermo- + Greek klinē bed]
ther`mo•clin′al, adj.
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Warm circulating water erodes the upper portion of the metalimnion.
In fact, it has been suggested that the sediment in shallow lakes is equivalent to the metalimnion in deep lakes (Olah, 1975).
It was also observed high values of these attributes for species of the orders Oligothrichida and Scuticociliata, all important in the metalimnion and hypolimnion of stratified lakes (ZINGEL, 2005).
The mean annual temperature ranges in the epilimnion, metalimnion, and hypolimnion of Boulder Basin of Lake Mead are between 12-27[degrees]C, 12-18[degrees]C, and 12-12.
The sharpest and the most long-term increase in EC was registered in the metalimnion, from 2.
In June, three distinct layers were evident: a well-lit oxygenated epilimnion to a depth of approximately 10 m, a metalimnion centered on 13.
The zone of decreasing temperatures in midwater, which includes the thermocline, is the metalimnion.
Este fenomeno incide en el patron de estratificacion del lago, pues el metalimnion asciende hacia la superficie presentandose una zona de mezcla de poco espesor.
The metalimnion extends from 2m-6m and an unusual metalimnetic oxygen minimum exists between 3.