Metallic paper

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paper covered with a thin solution of lime, whiting, and size. When written upon with a pewter or brass pencil, the lines can hardly be effaced.

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Or consider Robert Del Tredici's numerous visual responses to Moby-Dick since the 1960s, which play with the hieratic qualities of Melville's text, as in the mixed-media print on metallic paper Ubiquitous (2014; Fig.
The chromogenic digital prints were made on Kodak metallic paper through a process that exposes LED through a digital negative onto a light sensitive paper in the dark.
We used some metallic paper and also pre-printed images depicting controls and gears (Gizmos by Roylco), which we reduced in size on a copier.
About head-high along one long wall she pinned up a line of forty-seven C-prints on metallic paper, most dating from 2007 or 2008, though some were taken as early as 1995, others as recently as 2013.
Textured and patterned metallic paper works extremely well, as subtle details and contrasts are highlighted when light illuminates the paper.
Whether it's hot foil or cold foil, or metallic paper or film, label industry suppliers offer a wide range of products designed to provide both the coveted shimmery effect as well as functionality.
His film stock images are treated and exposed on metallic paper, yielding colors for factories and family vacations that resemble newly created artifacts.
I have one particular favourite at the moment, it is a softly metallic paper that is embroidered with a subtle, yet beautiful paisley design and features highlights of silver metallic thread.
The latter is a little bit pricier but Selfani hopes to introduce metallic paper by 2015.
It is amazing that you can take a piece of paper and it becomes artwork.'' She now makes invitations, announcements, cards, and even coasters and glass pendants with an eye for mixing textured paper, metallic paper, different typefaces and additions like ribbons.
* The Stila Backstage Palette was inspired by the metallic, brocade fabrics on the runway promoting the "Backstage Beauty" tagline.The heavily embossed and debossed metallic paper wrap was handmade by artisans in India.
You can use gold, silver or bronze card or simply cover your card with metallic paper or tin foil or even glitter.