n.1.A worker in metals.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Why is someone sabotaging the making of The Stupefying Metalman? Who's leaking embarrassing back stage videos?
Roger Merritt from Spon End company Metalman Fabs even dropped everything and came round " with an electrician, enabling James and Malcolm to reopen by Sunday afternoon.
METALMAN Rankin with his metal in knee challenges Dons ace Barry Robson, right
(7) Such a position is, in Bakhtinian terms, a monologic one, and no point in the novel demonstrates this better than the final line, a piece of dialogue spoken by Rick Vigorous to Mindy Metalman: "'You can trust me,' R.
Wilmington, NC, June 27, 2011 --( Advanced Metal Roofing, a residential metal roofing company offering the exclusive MetalMan Roofing System[R], is pleased to announce that they have installed over one million square feet of ENERGY STAR rated metal roofing for the third consecutive year.
Born in Poulton, Jack lived in Wallasey working as a butcher, builder's merchant and metalman before retiring to Bebington and then Worcestershire.
Two of the venues where we enjoyed mouth-watering meals were Rocketts of Metalman, Tramore, and Azzuro at the Ship in Dunmore East.
He worked for 29 years as a sheet metalman for Hills Brothers Coffee in San Francisco.
Wilmington, NC, April 27, 2011 --( Advanced Metal Roofing, a leading residential metal roofing company, is connecting with customers and fans on Facebook to help spread the word about their exclusive MetalMan Roofing System, to help educate homeowners about the benefits of metal roofing for homes, and to share recent customer reviews.