a.1.Beyond the scope or province of logic.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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He discusses topics like Plato's "line," Leibnizian metaphysics, Berkeleyan metalogical signs and master arguments, the second-order idealism of David Hume, Kantian ethics and the "fate of reason," metamathematical interpretations of free will and determinism, and time-evolution in random universes.
This logico-metaphysical level of language theory is designed to formulate and address fundamental metaphysical and metalogical questions regarding a comprehensive and therefore totally self-contained reality with respect to which nothing deeper or more extensive exists, regarding which no external references are possible, and in which literally everything comes down to the self-reference of a self-defined language-universe complex that has no background and to which nothing intelligible is external.
Islamabad -- Chinese Company, Metalogical Cooperation of China (MCC) and government of Pakistan have reached over consensus to finalize the affairs to start work on copper project in Balochistan
<<'Understanding' and 'meaning' are not metalogical concepts>> (Wittgenstein, 1974, p.
Suggested parallel reading in philosophy, psychology, mathematics, and physics, especially for the sake of the reader's perspicacity of the present novel epistemological (metalogical) work in simple comparison with other works dealing with theories of Reality and the Universe.
Nevertheless, the proofs provided of metalogical results for modal logics are short, elegant and clear.
Ideological, dialogical, metalogical, symbological, the logical,
25), such construction being governed by protologic: a single universal, unrevisable, and a priori "repertoire of metalogical principles and logical concepts" (p.
I present the metalogical results that show the property of satisfying Modus Ponens as a necessary and sufficient condition for the extended completeness of the system, and to the Deduction Metatheorem as a necessary and sufficient condition for the extended correctness of the system.
His energy tropes admit a dialogue between the domains of science and literature, a conversation transcending the very tropes themselves; "shifting a metaphor from its initial field," as Gillian Beer observes, may bring to light homologies (or dissonances) that will propel new work." (1) Whereas tropes establish connections between things, discourse models" the metalogical operations by which consciousness, in general cultural praxis," comes to terms with its milieu.
This knowledge is not based on one of the four kinds of truth specified in the earlier work On the Principle of Sufficient Reason, namely, what Schopenhauer calls "logical, empirical, transcendental and metalogical" truths.