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v. t.1.To metamorphose.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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"And with a plethora of new services and use cases being made real by the hyper-fast speeds and low latency promised by 5G, the mobile network experience is set to metamorphize once again in the next decade," it said.
In contrast with this, meta- can actually be traced back in history in a way explaining how constructions like metamathematics, metacommunication, meta-analysis (metanalysis*), metapolitics, metaphrastic, metamorphize, metaphor, metathesis, metamorphism, or metamorphosis have come up.
In the current context, the economic and political difficulties of the Colombian government in fulfilling promises regarding land reform, crop substitution programs, the development of remote areas, and transitional justice potentially create similar pressures for groups to remobilize or metamorphize into new types of extralegal entities.
One of the more frequently encountered types of motivation concerns local patriotism, or what Fishman (1997) referred to as "ethnolinguistic consciousness [that] can metamorphize into nationalism." He went on to say that "[T]he vernacular has frequently played a major role in nationalist movements, both as a medium for mobilization as well as a desideratum, i.e., as an object of value, on whose behalf mobilization is called for" (pp.
" because it's free from royalties), and knowing, besides, after sticking with it for a while, that you can get really sick of it, temporarily or not, and this isn't to strip the constraint of even the smallest bit of merit, on the condition that it will metamorphize into maturity, belonging neither entirely itself nor something else, this I named: a form.
assume disguises, and when possible metamorphize, as they seek to
As the tippling mourners metamorphize into drunken revelers a fight breaks out.
Instead, neurodevelopmental symptoms in children metamorphize over time, and in predictable ways that can be characterized by examining how functional aspects of developmental processes interacts during both pre-morbid and clinical stages of a neurodevelopmental disorder.
As more and more communities become targeted to serving specific market segments, we expect the community building to metamorphize in ways that complement the key interests of that target group.
His concept of life, man, art and culture metamorphize. For Vargas, the old man's death is an allegory of the abyss inhabited by violent, destructive forces into which our occult appetites can hurl us.
After approximately eight days, the pupal stage metamorphizes to an adult flea, which is stimulated to seek a blood meal from a host by sensing movement, carbon dioxide, and the warm body temperatures of mammals.