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n.1.(Zool.) A larval crustacean in a stage following the nauplius, and having about seven pairs of appendages.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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salina eggs, which were exposed to artificial light in 24-hour period for onset of lava (metanauplius); then, the metanauplii were separated and placed in the dark for 24 h period to reach nauplii stage [17-19].
The metanauplius stage began when the abdomen was fully bifurcated and the carapace became visible.
The size of the microalgae could determine the ingestion rate by the metanauplius A.
In our laboratory study, embryos sampled in early September were at the prenauplius/nauplius stage (stage 6 to 7) at -1 [degrees]C and at the metanauplius stage (stage 9) at 6 [degrees]C.
This stage corresponds to V-6, and is similar to stage 31 (metanauplius) of Nakanishi (1987) (abbreviated as N-31), or to stage 6 (prenauplius) of Moriyasu and Lanteigne (1998) (abbreviated as ML-6).
Then, as the larva grows, it goes through a series of larval stages (called metanauplius, calyptopis, and furcilia--several stages of each).
Posteriormente, se comple-menta con nauplius de Artemia en concentracion de 0,5 a 1 ind [mL.sup.-1] conjuntamente con los rotiferos, los cuales se reducen progresivamente hasta el dia 20, momento a partir del cual se comienza a alimentar con metanauplius de Artemia enriquecidos a razon de 1 a 3 metanauplius [mL.sup.-1] y posteriormente, en forma simultanea con micropellet (100-400 nm) hasta el dia 60.
The denticulate teeth of the basal endite are used primarily for grasping and holding a captured metanauplius. The row of denticles on each tooth presumably aids in maintaining a grip on a struggling metanauplius, and although many of the metanauplii captured struggled energetically, very few of them were able to escape from the maxillules.