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a.1.(Anat.) Of or pertaining to the metapodialia, or to the parts of the limbs to which they belong.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Element Type Missed Second Pass-Through First Pass-Through Cranium 5.0 95.0 Metapodial 3.3 1.7 95.0 Rib 6.7 8.3 85.0 Vertebra 30.0 12.5 57.5 Scapula/pelvis 1.7 1.7 96.7 Note: Table made from bar graph.
Together with our item, it is known a metapodial bone, perforated in one extreme and decorated with twelve globules from the Cave Tani de Carbonia, with uncertain chrono-cultural adscription (Ferrarese y Fonzo, 1995: 97-113; Ferrarese, 1997: 546, 552, fig.
Six different specimens were selected for Sr isotope analysis; these include three lower molars (SCT4, SCT5, and SCT6) from layers 7J4, 7J3, and 7J5, respectively and three metapodial bones, SCT 1 (third metacarpal), SCT 2 (fourth metatarsal), and SCT3 (fourth metatarsal), from layers 7J4, 7J5, and 7J3, respectively (Figures 9(c) and 10(a)-10(b)-10(c)-10(d)).
One pair of small metapodial tentacles located in posterior end of foot, originating in dorsal region of edge (Fig.
The metapodial bones of sheep and goat have been used in many studies relating to various scope from zooarchaeology to animal biology and pathology.
5g and 5h); 74659, lumbar vertebra; 74663, left proximal ulna; 74664, left lunar; 74665, left magnum; 74687, ball epiphysis of femur; 74666, fragment of left patella; 74667, left patella; 74668, left distal tibia; 74669, left cuboid; 74670, left ectocuneiform; 74671, fragment of distal metapodial; 73854-73856 and 74672, first phalanges of digit III (Figs.
The metapodial pedal gland present in all other abyssochrysoids is absent in Ifremeria nautilei, and we hypothesize that it has been co-opted for brooding (12).
Age ([.sup.14]C yr BP) Lab Number Material Dated Element 46 900 [+ or -] 0 Beta 185980 Bison priscus metapodial 17 265 [+ or -] 65 OX-17070 Ovibos moschatus cranium 17 100 [+ or -] 90 Beta 185979 Same specimen as above 51 700 [+ or -] 1100 OX-17071 Ovibos moschatus vertebra modern Beta 136364 Rangifer tarandus metatarsal modern Beta 189293 Rangifer tarandus innominate 16 200 [+ or -] 150 RIDDL-765 Equus lambei 16 700 [+ or -] 200 RIDDL-766 Same specimen as above 17 490 [+ or -] 90 Beta 185981 Equus sp metacarpal 36 160 [+ or -] 530 Beta 70841 Equus sp.
"Distal end of metapodial of equus complicatus (foot bone of an ancient horse)," or other cryptic references to fossil bones of an ancient camel, or fossilized mollusks.