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An ancient city of southeast Italy on the Gulf of Taranto. It was settled by Greeks c. 700 bc. Pythagoras taught here in the sixth century.
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But he does not forget the more obscure ones: Hippasus of Metapontum, Oenopides of Chios, Hippo of Rhegium, Onomacritus, Heracleides Ponticus and Asclepiades the Bithynian (9).
The second chapter returns to the key passage in Iamblichus, which identifies Hippasus of Metapontum as the progenitor of mathematical Pythagoreanism.
According to legend, when this was first announced, Hippasus of Metapontum, the poor mathematician who announced the result, was thrown overboard since he had disturbed the sanctity of the numbers.
It was recognized in the Greek city of Metapontum in approximately 600 BCE and in Pompey archeological evidence of syphilis was discovered on the teeth of children of mothers with syphilis.