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n.1.(Anat.) The posterior of the three principal basal cartilages in the fins of fishes.
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The procondyle articulates with the propterygium; the mesocondyle with the mesopterygium, and the metacondyle with the metapterygium, which are located along the horizontal axis of the scapulacoracoid.
The mesopterygium (MSG) is flat, rectangular in shape, and shorter than the others, while the metapterygium (MTG) is flat, triangular in shape, and widest in its anterior region (Figure 1).
Total pectoral-fin radials 106-107 (105-107); propterygium 41-42 (40-41), mesopterygium 21 (19-20), metapterygium 44 (46).
Dorsal dissection of the pectoral fin allowed examination of the basal metapterygium's skeletal structure.