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The process or technique of synthesizing research results by using various statistical methods to retrieve, select, and combine results from previous separate but related studies.
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A Metastudy of badges in computer science education to clarify effects, significance and influence.
Chronic illness experience: Insights from a metastudy.
The Career Development Quarterly: A 22-year publication pattern metastudy.
Smith, in her metastudy "Lessons Learnt," similarly concludes that "money to support the innovation helps sustain interest and enthusiasm" and may help it spread (174).
Dunsmore and Goodson's metastudy (composed of 44 studies) found the most common indicators used to measure motivation were intention to act, and self-efficacy (pg.
1527, 1527 (2013) (finding in their peer-reviewed metastudy that "in 2010, 30.
Capital Structure Choice and Company Taxation: A MetaStudy.
A metastudy of Journal of Employment Counseling publication patterns from 1994 through 2009.
Future research in the form of a metastudy could do so and potentially uncover additional developments.
Documenting the popularity and quality of these types of manuscripts, a recent metastudy of JCC content revealed that 40.
at 78 (describing a metastudy of 130 experiments of prisoner's dilemma games involving over 5000 participants, and concluding that communication increases rates of cooperation by approximately forty percent).