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Noun1.Metatheria - pouched animalsMetatheria - pouched animals      
class Mammalia, Mammalia - warm-blooded vertebrates characterized by mammary glands in the female
Marsupialia, order Marsupialia - coextensive with the subclass Metatheria
class - (biology) a taxonomic group containing one or more orders
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However, current views give considerable support for recognizing three separate groups of living mammals, the basal lineage represents the Monotremata in Prototheria, and the derived sister groups are the marsupials in Metatheria and the placentals in Eutheria.
Otros datos concernientes al grupo mamiferos tribosfenicos los dan Trofimov y Szalay (35) quienes sinonimizan este termino con el de terios dentro de un concepto de grupo holofiletico que incluye las infraclases Tribotheria, Metatheria (marsupiales) y Euthe ria (placentarios).