Meteoric iron

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(Chem.) iron forming a large, and often the chief, ingredient of meteorites. It invariably contains a small amount of nickel and cobalt. Cf. Meteorite.
(Min.) See Meteorite.

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Kristine Larsen's imaginative and intriguing approach to teaching Tolkien in the Science of Middle-earth, a freshman learning community class paired with an English composition course, includes topics from "elven genetics to the metallurgy of meteoric iron, from constellations to plate tectonics, and from solar eclipses to lunar calendars" (179).
As a result, the team used x-ray methods to determine whether the beads were actually meteoric iron, and not magnetite, which can often be mistaken to be corroded iron due to similar properties.
Silver, copper, and tin were used, and meteoric iron was known in ancient Egypt as "daggers from heaven." Bronze appeared in Europe in the third millennium BCE, the technique of smelting probably having been brought there from the Near East.
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Text 45 refers to trade in "meteoric iron" (a-mu-tum) and "iron" (a-si-um).