n.1.A yard, staff, or rod, used as a measure.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Joint artistic director of Wildcard, and writer of Electrolyte, James Meteyard said: "We're thrilled to be embarking on our first tour.
Gilchrist-Humphrey (2005) 92 SASR 100, 109 [38]; Meteyard v Love (2005)
Case studies of Eliza Meteyard by Susan Brown, Frances Trollope by Alison Booth, and Leigh Hunt by Michael E.
For example, when counselors apply narrative therapy in Christian marital counseling, especially in extramarital affair cases, they usually face a crux of balancing the value of Christian ethics and the demand of deconstruction within narrative therapy (more will be discussed in subsequent sections of this paper; Botha, 1998; Fok, 2011; Meteyard, 2008a).
The abstractness effect observed in experimental research has been explained by Vigliocco and her colleagues from the perspective of embodied cognition theory using a three-component model consisting of sensory-motor information, emotional information, and linguistic information (Kousta et al., 2011; Vigliocco, Meteyard, Andrews, & Kousta, 2009).
The authors thank Kieran Meteyard (Bath University) for his suggestions in the research and writing of the study.
Within it lies a magnicently inscribed and illuminated First World War Roll of Honour designed by Sidney Meteyard of the Birmingham Central School of Art.
In particular, there would be a preponderance of sensorimotor information in concrete concepts and a preponderance of affective/linguistic information in abstract concepts (Kousta et al., 2011; Viggliocco, Meteyard, Andrews, & Kousta, 2009).
And just to complete the transformation Bateman got the Birmingham Arts and Crafts artist Sidney Meteyard to paint the striking three panels behind the altar in the north aisle.
Beauchamp Sinfonietta, conductor Nic Fallowfield, guitar Dmitris Dekavallas, leader Susan Meteyard: Faure, Castelnuovo-Tedesco, Bizet.
250); Belinda Meteyard, 'Illegitimacy and Marriage in Eighteenth-Century England', Journal of Interdisciplinary History, 10 (1980), 479-89 (pp.