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One of the suspects also attempted to put a sachet of what appeared to be 'shabu' (methamphetamin hydrochloride) in his pocket but did not push through with it.
To understand the role of sex work, drug use, and disclosure, we employed these four variables: provided sex in exchange for money, drugs, goods or services (i.e., room, meals, gifts) in the past 6 months ("Yes" versus "No"), use of erectile dysfunction drugs in the past 6 months ("Yes" versus "No"), party drug use in the past 6 months [i.e., any use of methamphetamins (i.e., crystal and speed), hallucinogens (i.e., ecstasy, ketamine, mushrooms, lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD), and other hallucinogens), or gamma-hydroxybutyrate (GHB)] ("Yes" versus "No"), and frequency of HIV disclosure ("50% or more of the time", "Less than 50% of the time", and "Only when partners asked me").
NEW YORK -- With some states across the country beginning to tighten the restrictions on the sale of pseudoephedrine-based cold and allergy remedies, questions are being raised about whether the new laws are helping to curb the illegal production of methamphetamins.