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Before being sacrificed, fish were anesthetized with tricaine methanesulfonate (MS-222, 0.02%).
2001 Safest level of tricaine methanesulfonate (MS-222) to induce anesthesia in juveniles of matrinxa, Brycon cephalus.
Supernatant was added up sodium pyrophosphate buffer (1.2 ml), nitro blue tetrazolium (0.3 ml), phenyl methanesulfonate (0.1 ml), reduced nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (0.2 ml) and distilled water (3ml).
Fish were sacrificed with an overdose of tricaine methanesulfonate (MS-222, 250 g [L.sup.-1]).
Several substances and combinations of substances, such as alcohol, ether, barbiturates, quinaldine, tricaine methanesulfonate (MS 222), chlorbutanol and benzocaine have been used to induce anesthesia in fish.
Cells were lysed using ice-cold mammalian radio-immunoprecipitation assay (RIPA) buffer (Beyotime, China), containing a protease inhibitor cocktail (Invitrogen) and phenyl methanesulfonate (PMSF) (Invitrogen).
Methane sulfonyl chloride is used as a base product for the production of methanesulfonate. Due to the highly reactive nature of methane sulfonyl chloride, it is a precursor to various chemicals such as methanesulfonamides.
High dose intravenous colistin methanesulfonate therapy is associated with high rates of nephrotoxicity; a prospective cohort study from Saudi Arabia.
methanesulfonic acid, tin (ii) methanesulfonate of stannostar a-300 tin conc 400 liter (s)
Additionally, Ethyl-3-aminobenzoate methanesulfonate (MS-222) (Sigma-Aldrich; St.
TenmM stock solution of CMH was freshly made and dissolved in KHB containing 25 [micro]M deferoxamine methanesulfonate salt (DF) and 5 [micro]M sodium diethyldithiocarbamate trihydrate (DETC).