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n.1.The art and principles of method.
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His successor will be named by His Eminence Metropolitan Methodios and the Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Boston.
When we speak of dialogue, though, I turn to the words of Metropolitan Methodios of Pisidia (Phougias or Fouyas), for whom the goal of any dialogue effort is the discovery of the will of God.
Kyrillos und Methodios zu Mitpatronen Europas erklart werden (31.12.1980)", in Schwarz, Jurgen; Schulz, Karin (Hg.): Die katholische Kirche und das neue Europa.
843 is an exception because the Empress Theodora is shown, but she herself convoked the council; moreover, it is Patriarch Methodios who takes center stage, not Theodora.
McManus and Greek Metropolitan Methodios celebrated the historic 1964 event when the two celebrated Easter earlier this spring at St.
From the same century he singled out the brothers Saints Cyril and Methodios; they were witnesses to unity because they were commissioned by both Churches to evangelize the Slav nations, but that commissioning did not prevent Methodios from providing for them a law book in the Eastern tradition by translating for them the Greek Synagoge in Fifty Titles by John Scholastikos.
McManus thanked His Eminence Metropolitan Methodios of Boston and the Rev.
McManus joins Metropolitan Methodios of Boston and clergy of the city's Greek Orthodox Church in celebrating the Easter Agape Service at St.
In 1993, she received the Greek Orthodox Clergy Laity Award from Bishop Methodios of Boston.
In 1993, Helen received the Greek Orthodox Clergy Laity Award from Bishop Methodios of Boston.
The students were also honored in a separate ceremony officiated by Archbishop Methodios of the Boston Archdiocese at Hellenic College of the Holy Cross in Brookline.
"It's a message of hope for people who have lost all hope in these difficult economic times, not only in the United States, but in Europe," said His Eminence Metropolitan Methodios, the leader of the Greek Orthodox Church in Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont and parts of Connecticut.