n.1.(Chem.) An earlier technical name of methyl alcohol or wood spirit, now called methanol; also, by extension, the class name of any of the series of alcohols of the methane series of which methol proper is the type. See Methyl alcohol, under Methyl.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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For his close links with Francis see also Alberto Methol Ferre and Alver Metalli, Il papa e il filosofo (Siena: Cantagalli, 2014).
Los aportes de Jaguaribe; Methol Ferre, Puig y Tomassini a las relaciones internacionales, Cuaderno de Trabajo no.
Gustavo Gutierrez characterizes it as "a current with its own characteristics (rasgos propios) within TL"; and Roberto Oliveros, recognizing it as an aspect of this, pejoratively labels it "populist theology." (19) Later, this classification into four currents was accepted by theologians of liberation like Joao Batista Libanio and by its critics, such as Methol Ferre and Antonio Quarracino, when he presented Libertatis nuntius, the instruction of the CDF regarding liberation theology.
A key figure for Bergoglio's articulation of this people-building idea over many years was his Uruguayan philosopher friend Alberto Methol Ferre.
Correspondio a Alberto Methol Ferre (1929-2009), agudo y prolifico pensador uruguayo, la autoria de uno de los analisis mas profundos y serios de la epoca: Las corrientes religiosas (1969) (24).
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