Methyl violet

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(Chem.) an artificial dye, consisting of certain methyl halogen derivatives of rosaniline.

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Moreover, the multifunctional films [([PV.sub.6][Mo.sub.6]/MV).sub.n] ([PV.sub.6][Mo.sub.6] = [(N[H.sub.4]).sub.5][H.sub.4][PV.sub.6][Mo.sub.6][O.sub.40] x 6[H.sub.2]O, MV = methyl violet) exhibited electrochemical activity for the reduction of N[O.sub.2.sup.-], Br[O.sub.3.sup.-], and Cl[O.sub.3.sup.-] and remarkable antibacterial properties toward Escherichia coli[21].
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CNTs, as a new approach, were prepared, purified, functionalized, and used as adsorption material to remove basic orange and methyl violet dyes from wastewater under different conditions.
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Synonyms of crystal violet are methyl violet 10B, methyl violet 10BNS, aniline violet, baszol violet 57L, brilliant violet 58, gentian violet, pyoktanin, methylrosanilide chloride and hexamethyl-p-rosaniline chloride.
In this paper, the preparation of TiSi[W.sub.12][O.sub.40]/Ti[O.sub.2] composite was reported, and the photocatalytic degradation of methyl violet with the catalyst under simulated natural light irradiation was investigated.
In addition, there is a peak present at 358.7 m/z, which is indicative of Pentamethylpararosaniline (also known as Methyl Violet) [[M-Cl].sup.+] = 358.5 m/z.
In 1883, German pathologist Friedrich Neelsen added his modification, using carbol fuchsin instead of carbol methyl violet and decolorizing with 15% sulfuric acid.
evaluated the photocatalytic properties of bare, Ag-doped, and Mn-doped ZnO nanoparticles prepared via a coprecipitation method by monitoring the light-induced decolorization of methyl violet aqueous solutions.
Crystal Violet and Methyl Violet gave characteristic mass spectral patterns that have been studied previously for ink-dating purposes (Grim et al.