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A dopamine antagonist, C14H22ClN3O2, that stimulates movement in the upper gastrointestinal tract, used in its hydrochloride form to treat nausea, gastroesophageal reflux, and diabetic gastroparesis.

[French métoclopramide : mét(h)-, meth- + o(xy)-, oxy- + c(h)lo(ro)-, chloro- + pr(ocaïn)amide, procainamide, a drug used to treat arrhythmia (procaïne, procaine + amide, amide).]
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n metoclopramida
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En el contexto de las luchas por la tierra en Santiago del Estero, la "topadora" funciona como una metonia que alude a la expansion de la frontera agropecuaria y la agricultura capitalista, lo cual tiene como contracara los desalojos de las familias campesinas de sus tierras.
What we do not know is how this unlikely messenger moves to the edge of the wilderness, just beyond positions of power and orderliness, to call the people back to God, cajoling them into a baptism of repentance (metonia) for the forgiveness of sin.
With all the previous media attention around Michael Jackson's death in June of this year, these are the words that come to mind as I think about John's cry of repentance (metonia).