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entablature of a Doric
order building
A. triglyph
B. metope


n. Architecture
Any of the spaces between two triglyphs on a Doric frieze.

[Greek metopē : meta, between; see meta- + opē, opening; see okw- in Indo-European roots.]
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(ˈmɛtəʊp; ˈmɛtəpɪ)
(Architecture) architect a square space between two triglyphs in a Doric frieze
[C16: via Latin from Greek metopē, from meta between + opē one of the holes for the beam-ends]
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(ˈmɛt əˌpi, ˈmɛt oʊp)

one of the square spaces, often decorated, between the triglyphs in a Doric frieze.
[1555–65; < Greek metópē]
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Their punishment by Heracles is represented on one of the earlier metopes from Selinus.
Le public du Theatre du Vieux Colombier peut ainsi decouvrir Masques et Metopes pour piano, Quatre Melodies op.
The posts are decorated with three rosettes within a border that is divided into three metopes. The uppermost part of each post is surrounded by a Corinthian capital.
Even the Parthenon itself offers Rodin different models --from the natural purity of the 'living, breathing' frieze, to the deeper-cut abandonment of the centaurs and the contortion of the dying Lapiths of the metopes, and the two mighty goddesses (figures L and M), who watch Athena's birth on the east pediment, their undulating 'flesh' and flowing drapery melting into each other in anticipation of the fused lovers of Rodin's Kiss--and all of this prior to taking the figures' damaged quality, and the building and its columns into account.
In modern literature, the reference to the Persian wars has also been made in relation to the metopes which represent mythological subjects of strife.
They decorated it with sculptured metopes showing the exploits of their heroes Heracles and Theseus, supposedly financed by their victory at Marathon in 490 B.C.
unfluted columns, the bare, undecorated metopes, the swift and tensile
A few miles from Sciacca, at Selinunte, in a wood by the sea chosen by the Greeks in the time of Homer for their acropolis, the shadow of a pagan beauty was dancing unto death on the metopes of its rude temples, more numerous and intact than anything Greece has managed to preserve.
Hungarian-born sculptor and engineer Istvan Botar, seen in this photograph taken by ROM photographer Leigh Warren in October 1961, is carving metopes for the Greek Gallery, which opened the following year.
The drapery of Europa in particular, which reveals the structure of the body beneath, seems heavily influenced by classical Greek sculpture such as the pedimental sculptures from the Parthenon in Athens, as does the exaggerated musculature of the plough man which recalls some of the battling Lapiths and Centaurs from the Parthenon metopes. The two sphinxes which flank the pediment and represent the wisdom expected of the provincial legislators are based on Egyptian models.