Hog gum

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(Bot.) West Indian tree (Symphonia globulifera), yielding an aromatic gum.

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(2000) showed the timing of reproduction and the number of clutches initiated by the White-crowned Pigeons (Patagioenas leucocephala) in the Florida Keys was positively correlated to precipitation but mediated through the earlier fruiting phenology of their preferred food source Metopium toxiferum. Dickey et al.
2 (0.4) 37.3 Anacardiaceae Schinus terebinthifolius 11 (2.1) 6.8 Metopium toxiferum 1 (0.2) 14.6 Combretaceae Conocarpus erectus 3 (0.6) 16.9 Myrtaceae Eugenia spp.