Metric analysis

(Chem.) analysis by volume; volumetric analysis.

See also: Metric

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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G4 LOGISTICS--C-4 provides policy guidance, analytic support, and programmatic oversight of Supply Operations, policies and procedures for metric analysis and management of Marine Corps Military Equipment and Garrison Property (CP); integrated maintenance management in support of supported systems; and coordinating the physical inventory of all MAR-CORLOGCOM Military Equipment (ME) in the possession of organic, Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) and other third party Remote Storage Activities (RSAs).
Attendees will also delve into blockchain as it's related to distribution and loyalty, metric analysis, AI, and the market outlook.
Six Sigma Metric analysis for analytical testing processes.
Metric analysis of Individual 8, an adult male, indicated that the remains were most closely related to European Americans, and the dentition showed no signs of dental wear, and thus supports the isotopic exclusion of this individual from the archaeological site in Guatemala.
He further states any metric analysis based on future events should be regarded with suspicion.
The performance of routing protocol is analyzed by three different test scenarios such as energy consumption, QoS metric analysis and QoE metric analysis.
"Drawing upon poetic prosody and metric analysis, this dissertation shows how this pervasive but underexamined aspect of Brahms's songwriting style relates to both the sound and sense of the poems he sets."
HYPERION X9 is a modular concept, offering every possible option, from two-dimensional panoramic imaging, to cephalo- metric analysis, down to cone-beam three-dimensional tomography, including capability of carrying out full dental arch volumetric scans.
The application also performs metric analysis that scores subjects based on facial similarities.
The methodology of the paper is based on laboratory research of physical-chemical and granule metric analysis of lignite powder and mathematical model.