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The satellite of Jupiter that is closest to the planet.

[After Metis, , Titaness who was a consort of Zeus (Jupiter), from Greek mētis, wisdom; see mē- in Indo-European roots.]


 (mā-tēs′, -tē′)
n. pl. métis (-tēs′, -tēz′)
1. A person of mixed racial ancestry.
2. often Métis A person of mixed Native American and French-Canadian ancestry.

[Canadian French, from Old French metis, of mixed race, from Late Latin mixtīcius, mixed; see mestizo.]
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n (also without capital) , pl -tis (-ˈtiːs; -ˈtiːz)
1. (Peoples) a person of mixed parentage
2. (Peoples)
a. the offspring or a descendant of a French Canadian and a North American Indian
b. a member or descendant of a group of such people, who established themselves in Manitoba and Saskatchewan as a distinct political and cultural force during the 19th century
3. (Peoples) US a person having one eighth Black ancestry; octoroon
[C19: from French, from Vulgar Latin mixtīcius (unattested) of mixed race; compare mestizo]
Métisse fem n
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or me•tis

(meɪˈtis, -ˈti)

n., pl. -tis (-ˈtis, -ˈtiz)
1. any person of mixed ancestry.
2. (cap.) (in Canada) the offspring of an American Indian and a white person, esp. one of French ancestry.
[1810–20; < French; Old French mestis < Late Latin mixtīcius commingled; see mestizo]
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Noun1.metis - a person in western Canada who is of Caucasian and American Indian ancestryMetis - a person in western Canada who is of Caucasian and American Indian ancestry
Canada - a nation in northern North America; the French were the first Europeans to settle in mainland Canada; "the border between the United States and Canada is the longest unguarded border in the world"
mixed-blood - a person whose ancestors belonged to two or more races
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