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Noun1.Mexican capital - the capital and largest city of Mexico is a political and cultural and commercial and industrial centerMexican capital - the capital and largest city of Mexico is a political and cultural and commercial and industrial center; one of the world's largest cities
Mexico, United Mexican States - a republic in southern North America; became independent from Spain in 1810
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MEXICO CITY -- Hundreds of federal police blocked highways in and around the Mexican capital Wednesday in open revolt against plans to absorb the officers into the newly formed National Guard, a move that the police fear could upend their jobs.
Smiling and waving an orange flag, the anti-establishment leftist stood before a line of heavy construction equipment last Monday, declaring work was officially under way to turn the Santa Lucia military air base into a second airport for the sprawling Mexican capital.
She was taken to the Mexican capital's Hospital de Cos - described by a local law official as a "very bad" facility - and died just 12 hours later.
Caravan migrants' hopes of buses to Mexican capital dashed
3 0 1 2 2 4 1 The dream died for our brave babes in the Mexican capital as an early goal saw the Poles scrape through.
Television shows how thousands of people go out on the streets of the Mexican capital scared.
Mexico ranked among the top destinations for foreign visitors in 2017, despite the continuation of violence and insecurity in some areas and the impact of natural disasters, including two earthquakes that hit tourist areas and the Mexican capital in September.
Beltran, the CEO of Zanfer Promotions, one of the biggest boxing promotion companies in Mexico, is reportedly courting the Filipino boxing legend to fight in the Mexican capital on April 2018.
During the meeting in the Mexican capital, the two sides underlined the need for boosting mutual cooperation in different fields.
Its epicentre was about 130 kilometres south of Mexico City, causing severe damage in the Mexican capital. The number of people who died is 337, nearly 200 of them in Mexico City.