Mexican peso

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Noun1.Mexican peso - the basic unit of money in MexicoMexican peso - the basic unit of money in Mexico; equal to 100 centavos
centavo - a fractional monetary unit of several countries: El Salvador and Sao Tome and Principe and Brazil and Argentina and Bolivia and Colombia and Cuba and the Dominican Republic and Ecuador and El Salvador and Guatemala and Honduras and Mexico and Nicaragua and Peru and the Philippines and Portugal
Mexican monetary unit - monetary unit in Mexico
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mexikanischer Peso
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The Mexican peso remained heavy after being hit by a triple whammy of trade tensions, a ratings downgrade by Fitch and a ratings warning by Moody's.
The first instalment of the extraordinary cash dividend will be paid in Mexican pesos, on the company's outstanding shares, excluding the shares held as a result of its buyback share programme in the payment date, at the Mexican peso exchange rate published by the Mexican Central Bank (Banco de Mexico) in the Federal Official Gazette on the day of the ex-coupon date prior to the corresponding payment.
The Mexican peso touched a five-week low versus the greenback after ratings agency Fitch revised Pemex's credit rating outlook to negative citing uncertainty over the Mexican national oil company's future business strategy.
If the project is scrapped, it would spook investors and could hit the Mexican peso and government bonds, she said.
The Mexican peso gained more than 1.2 percent against the U.S.
Approximately 41% of Fitch-rated Mexican corporate issuers maintain operations abroad and 24% are exporters, alleviating the recent soft economic environment and weakness in the Mexican peso. Sectors with little or no geographical diversification, and the largest risk if NAFTA is abrogated, include retail, real estate, transportation and energy.
More than two-thirds of Mexican peso government debt is owned by Wall Street.
by Agence France-PresseA man walks past a board displaying the exchange rate of the Mexican peso against the US dollar at a Mifel bank branch in Mexico City, Mexico on December 22, 2017.
MEXICAN PESO took a tumble on his last visit here but has an otherwise fine record at the track and Elaine Parker's dog will be tough to beat in the 8.50 over 661m.
Both the Canadian dollar and the Mexican peso rose against the U.S.
Inter-Bank Market Rates: In the final Asian trade, the dollar perked up, rebounding from a seven-week low on optimism over the US economic outlook and corporate earnings, while the Mexican peso fell after the White House floated the idea of a 20 percent tax on Mexican goods to pay for a border wall.