n.1.Same as Meine.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Working for many years with Gerhard F Meyne Company as a superintendent he managed work on many notable Chicago area buildings.
There is a culture in Australia that views "aboriginal people as animals and our lives aren't worth it," said Meyne Wyatt, an actor who grew up in Kalgoorlie and said he was a distant relative of Elijah's.
In this area Wells is a successor of the tradition created by Daniel Defoe and leading through Fenimore Cooper, Thomas Meyne Reid, Robert Stephenson, Edgar Poe--to contemporary Haggard, Conan Doyle, Jack London.
"Awareness and competition are two key factors driving interest in lighting," says Fritz Meyne, Jr., vice president sales for Bitro Group, based in Hackensack, N.J.
[paragraph] Jesu qe pour la tere en tere fuist ne Soyt eydaunt (41) a la tere qe tere soit sauue 35 Et nos meyne (42) de tere ou tere est benure Kar si sumes en tere par tere turmente [paragraph] Dolour est en tere par tere et par mer Ffaus est tere et tere desir auer Pluis ne voil en tere ore (43) de tere chaunter 40 Dieu deynt tere en tere de viuauns habiter.
[y]s take wyth feendes of the ffayry / flfor aloone he gothe that I / Ne wote in a moneth where hym to fende / And alle his meyne he levys hym behynde / He lateth hym aloone Sir sykerly / She hath defended hym highly / That he desyre not hir to see / This ys a wonder thing to me / They mete neuer but a nyght / Of hir had he yett neuer no sight / He fyndeth wyth hir alle maner of plesaunce / Hit ys a feende or som myschaunce.
RECURRING CHARACTERS/CAST LIST Character Cast member Mini-films Bob Lang Hugo Weaving 'Commission' Dean Daley-Jones 'Fog' Carol Lang Susie Porter 'On Her Knees Di Adams 'Long, Clear View' Robyn Nevin 'Reunion Vic Lang Joseph Pedley 'Abbreviation Dougie Baldwin 'Damaged Goods Harrison Gilbertson 'On Her Knees Matthew Shanley 'Long, Clear View' Richard Roxburgh 'Reunion' Josh McConville 'Commission' Casey Douglas 'Immunity' Dan Wyllie 'Defender' Gail Lang Libby Tanner 'Damaged Goods' Cate Blanchett 'Reunion' Kate Mulvany 'Defender' Frank Jakory Blanco 'Sand' Meyne Wyatt 'Family' Max Matt Nable 'The Turning' Jarli-Russell Blanco Sand' Wayne Blair 'Family'
His outlaw status reinforces social structures and hierarchies by maintaining the primacy of royal authority and elevating it above the mid-level corruption that seems to run rife, especially in the Gest with the justices who are in the abbot's pocket and plot with him to disinherit Sir Richard: "They demed the knyght wonder sore,/The abbot and his meyne" (Gest 377-8).
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