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 (mĕt′sō, mĕd′zō, mĕz′ō)
n. pl. mez·zos
A mezzo-soprano.


(ˈmɛtsəʊ) music
(Classical Music) moderately; quite: mezzo forte; mezzo piano.
n, pl -zos
(Music, other) See mezzo-soprano1
[C19: from Italian, literally: half, from Latin medius middle]


(ˈmɛt soʊ, ˈmɛd zoʊ, ˈmɛz oʊ)

n., pl. -zos.
a mezzo-soprano.
[1805–15; < Italian < Latin medius middle]
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Noun1.mezzo - a soprano with a voice between soprano and contraltomezzo - a soprano with a voice between soprano and contralto
soprano - a female singer
2.mezzo - the female singing voice between contralto and soprano
singing voice - the musical quality of the voice while singing
mezzo soprano


(ˈmetsou) mezzo-soprano (metsousəˈpraːnou) plurals ˈmezzos, ~ˌmezzo-soˈpranos noun
(a person having) a singing voice between soprano and alto.
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Meanwhile, the Bahrain Astronomical Society has arranged an observation evening for people on the balcony of the Mezza House Restaurant and Cafe, Atrium Mall, Saar.
Other guests present were Doha City Event CEO and Managing Director Victor Magnipes, Megaworld International Executive Bhem Asperilla and representatives of Philippine National Bank, LBC, McDonalds Qatar, MEZZA Restaurant and La Diva.With POLO officials and special guests.
They included Damascus Mezza military airport; Iranian and Hizbullah military facilities at Al Kiswa south of Damascus; the base of the Syrian 1st Division; the Syrian military "research" institute at Jumriyah; military facilities at Siniya; and a chain of Hizbullah bases in the Qalamoun Mountains straddling the Syrian -Lebanese frontier, as well as bases in the Homs district.
Next up was a spread of cold and hot mezza. The sheer quantity was overwhelming, to a point that there was no more room left on the table to place the dishes; we had to shuffle bowls and plates, like pawns on a chess board .
Portion of Hummus at Mezza Lebanese Kitchen Image Credit: Supplied
The newly-opened courtyard lounge, which will be comfort cooled for the warmer months, offers a variety of Arabic mezza and Arabic drinks.
The building is near Mezza Residences on Aurora Boulevard in Quezon City.
These buffets will also offer a selection of Ramadan's most popular mezza, soups and desserts.
The eight shortlisted kebab houses in Wales included three further Cardiff eateries - Mezza Luna, Yummies Kebab and Oz Urfa - as well as Charcoal Grill in Caerphilly.
| Mezza Luna - CardiffThe Moroccan and Lebanese restaurant takeaway is rated 4.9/6 stars on Just-Eat.
It was also a chance to launch a popular and diplomatic initiative to include the Lebanese "mezza" on UNESCO's Intangible Heritage List, the embassy said.
Mesa, Manila to and including PNTC Colleges - Central Colleges of the Philippines, University of the East - Ramon Magsaysay Memorial Medical Center and Colleges, UERMMC II, Immaculate Heart of Mary College, Central Colleges of the Philippines, SM - Mezza Residences I & II and SM - Sta.