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or me·ze (mĕt′zā)
1. Small, savory dishes served as appetizers or accompaniments to alcoholic drinks in Greek or Middle Eastern cuisine.
2. pl. mez·zes or mezze or meze A dish of this type.

[From Modern Greek mezés and Turkish meze, a dish served as mezze, and Arabic mazza, mezze, all ultimately from Persian maza, taste, flavor, food eaten with drink to bring out its flavor.]
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So, from now until the end of the football season, we will offer free mezze hummus falafel for every goal Mo Salah scores for Liverpool.
Our host Maryam walked us through the extensive menu and said that Reem is known for its classic Middle Eastern dishes especially the mezze and grills, although there are also international flavors to suit every palate.
Furthermore, "Zeituna" has also introduced the Mezze & Grill Nights on every Saturday and Wednesday from 6.
Zeituna has also introduced the Mezze & Grill Nights on every Saturday and Wednesday from 6.
With great recipes like the quick but filling mezze platter for lunch, to the skyscraper burgers for a great weekend treat, you will just love all of the recipes.
Putting Manchester firmly on the vegan map, the GRUB EXTRAVEGANZA will demonstrate just how good vegan food can really be, with 'fish' and chips - faux fish steaks made from soya protein, seaweed and shiitake - from the Hip Hop Chip Shop; gooey mac and vegan cheese from Mac Daddies; mezze from The Ottomen; handmade dumplings from Oh Mei Dumpling; French patisserie from Chou Choux; and some jaw-dropping bakes from Bake-O-Rama.
Contract notice:supply of non-road diesel fuel and diesel fuel for filling the tanks of the city of mezze.
The evenings offer a selection of cold and hot mezze, followed by Lebanese grilled kebabs and locally sourced seafood.
The club is housed in the former Mezze bar and restaurant in Holloway Head and a PS300,000 refurbishment under new ownership has created a chic and stylish offering with private booths, a roped-off VIP area and lots of spectacular lighting.
We kicked off our Iftar with cold mezze and a bunch of Lebanese flat breads.
Middle Eastern delicacies will also be offered at including Emirati hareesa chicken, hot and cold mezze, lamb shoulder, Arabic ice creams and more.