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n.1.(Min.) A mineral of an iron-black color, and very sectile, consisting principally of sulphur, antimony, and silver.
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The secondarily leached silver minerals miargyrite, iodargyrite and bromargyrite, were also encountered in the adits.
Miargyrite has been reported from Llallagua by Petrov et al.
High grade ore found along this vein is comprised of multi-phase, banded quartz-chalcedony veining with the principal economic minerals consisting of naumannite, pyrargyrite, miargyrite, tetrahedrite, and electrum.
It yields primarily small specimens of crystallized pyrargyrite, with rarer miargyrite (in nearly black, lens-shaped crystals), polybasite (in hexagonal plates), stephanite and freibergite (both in complex, gray, highly lustrous crystals).
Anhedral grains in miargyrite up to several mm in diameter are common.
Miargyrite is frequently associated with pyrargyrite, typically as botryoidal clusters of crystal.
Other minerals in the deposit are: pyrite, miargyrite, argentian tetrahedrite, gold, lollingite, claudetite and kankite.
Miargyrite has been reported as a rare accessory sulfide mineral in the Nikolaevskiy mine.
At the Hecla-Newmont Rosebud mine, Humboldt County, Nevada, just before this mine closed in August, there were collected some 30 matrix specimens, toenail to small cabinet-size, showing miargyrite in little clusters of brilliant metallic black crystals on drusy quartz-lined seams in a gray altered rhyolite.
Diaphorite and fizelyite were first observed in Canada at the Van Silver mine, and it is the second reported occurrence in Canada for semseyite, miargyrite and pyrostilpnite.
The most common silver-bearing species, a selenian miargyrite, has been verified by both electron microprobe and X-ray diffraction techniques on samples from the 282-meter level.
Polybasite, pearceite, stephanite, pyrargyrite and miargyrite also occur in abundance in Guanajuato in addition to the acanthite-naumannite series.