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The abundance of aligned miarolitic cavities parallel to primary flow fabric suggests that these bodies were emplaced at high levels.
are the goethite, blue-green microcline ("amazonite") and smoky quartz from miarolitic pockets in granite exposed at many sites in the Pikes Peak batholith of central Colorado.
A leucocratic foliated granite with miarolitic cavities 15 km south in Fiordo Peel showed a ca 150 Ma U-Pb zircon age (unpubl.
The only member of the beryl family with more Fe is stoppaniite, which occurs in miarolitic cavities in volcanic ejecta at Latium, Italy, and contains up to 19.
The groundmass is granophyric, partly spherulitic, and contains miarolitic cavities.
The presence of quartz and feldspar ph enocrysts, as well as miarolitic cavities, requires the melt composition (the opposing end of the lever) to lie on the quartz- feldspar boundary line.
Just in time for the show, Marshall received a shipment of about 20 flats of beautiful specimens of aquamarine/schorl/feldspar, newly dug from miarolitic cavities in the granite of the Erongo Mountains, Namibia.
Miarolitic cavities are present locally but are generally uncommon (Wolfson 1983).
During this time smoky quartz was being mined from other miarolitic pegmatites some kilometers to the east of the Volynsk piezoelectric quartz deposit.
The upper margin of the granite consists of an almost continuous layer of fine-grained, pink, felsic rock varying from featureless felsite to microgranite with abundant granophyric intergrowth and drusy miarolitic cavities, to rhyolite porphyry that is commonly spherulitic.
At intervals over the past four years, John and Dean have been opening isolated miarolitic cavities in exposures of granite in the Santa Teresa Mountains, north of the town of Klondyke in Graham County.
Parts of the aplitic to porphyritic phase of the GRII contain miarolitic cavities, comb quartz layers, and unidirectional solidification textures (UST), suggesting fluid saturation and/ or undercooling of the parental magma (Kirkham and Sinclair 1988).