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n.1.The orang-outang.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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As she looked she saw a huge MIAS PAPPAN cross the stream, bearing in his arms the dead, or unconscious form of a white-skinned girl with golden hair.
Her description of the MIAS PAPPAN was such as to half convince von Horn that she might have seen Number Three carrying Virginia Maxon, although he could not reconcile the idea with the story that the two Dyaks had told him of losing all of Bulan's monsters in the jungle.
Forty more paces, Tita mia, and I swear to the holy Eloi, patron of all learned craftsmen, that I will never set foot over my door again until the whole swarm are safely hived in their camp of Dax, or wherever else they curse with their presence.
Tita mia, you have been a brave girl, and it was better that you should be pulled and pushed than that my head should be broken."
The Venetian glasses, cara mia, and fill them to the brim.
"Here she is, my Ginevra, Ginevrettina, Ginevrola, mia Ginevra bella!" cried the old man.
He gave the bag to the servant, who was then in the room; sat down at the piano, and played the air of the lively Neapolitan street- song, "La mia Carolina," twice over.
As it aims to let the automotive community "Experience Fun and Function" like never before, MIAS 2019 offers 15 reasons why one shouldn't miss this year's presentation.
By acquiring the MIAS Group, Jungheinrich is enlarging its technology portfolio in the field of automated warehouse solutions.
Any American with elementary knowledge of the Vietnam War knows the number of American fatalities, but very few Americans can recite the number of POWs and MIAs. This misconstruing of the subject's significance can be blamed to some degree on Allen's lack of interviews with veterans.
(Dowd) Mias; 3 sons, James Mias and his wife Robin of Northampton, John Mias and his wife Nancy and Jeffrey Mias and his wife Lynne, all of Worcester; 2 daughters, Jody Lovely of Worcester and Julie Parenteau and her husband John of Spencer; 2 sisters, Lottie Augustiniak and Florence Williams both of Schenectady, NY; and 11 grandchildren, Lisa, Seth, Maggie, Bridget, Jessica, Brian, Alycia, Timothy, Brandon, Erin and Paige.
For more information about providing a mtDNA sample to the AFDIL, maternal relatives of MIAs are asked to contact the USAF Missing Persons Branch 800-531-5501; Department of the Army 800-892-2490; Headquarters U.S.