Mica schist

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(Geol.) a schistose rock, consisting of mica and quartz with, usually, some feldspar.

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Quartz Mica Schist, and Calcareous Quartzite (Water and Power Development Authority, 2011).
2015) classified the schist as quartz-mica schist, graphitic schist, phyllite and quartzite, and photomicrographs confirm that most of the quartz mica schist are mylonitized.
The upper drill hole down to some 1310 m has passed through mica schist with rare interlayers of biotite gneiss (Kukkonen, 2009).
A number of blocks of the local green mica schist from the long disused Jersey Quarry on Holyhead Mountain are to be used for the memorial which will be erected on Newry Beach this spring.
The uppermost layer consists of mica schist measuring from 30 to 40 meters thick.
Granite and mica schist abound in New England while limestone dominates Kentucky and the Midwest.
Here the green beryl, which is coloured by Cr, occurs within mica schist close tn its contact with quartz veins spawned by a nearby granite intrusion (Groat et al.
Once standing, the tub wall was supported by 1,500 tiebacks, long steel rods anchored to a sturdy rock layer called mica schist, or bedrock, 70 feet below sea level.
TABLE 1 Soil Groups (5) Soil Group Parent material Chandler/Talledaga Hard talcose schist and mica schist Chester Micaceous schist; white quartzite present on uplands Edgemont Quartz schist, quartzitic sandstone, quartzite conglomerate, pure quartzite Glenelg/Chester Micaceous schists Hagerstown/Duffield Limestone Highfield Metabasalt with considerable quartzite Linganore Hard slaty schist or phyllite Manor/Glenelg Thin, platty schistose rock Myersville/Fauquier Metabasalt Penn/Readington/Croton Red, Triassic-age sandstone and shale
Biotite sillimanite schist sillimanite kyanite garnet mica schist and kyanite garnet metapsammite are showing high concentration of reactive silica exceeding the maximum threshold limit of strained quartz bearing aggregate (less than 30%) in the UK.
Mica schist are green or black (Figure 2h) in color, depending on the modal percentage of graphite.