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Noun1.Michael Ondaatje - Canadian writer (born in Sri Lanka in 1943)
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Founded and funded by Michael Ondaatje with the prize money he received as joint winner of the Booker Prize for his novel The English Patient, and administered by the Gratiaen Trust, the prize is worth Rs 200,000.
She searches through novels, poems and memoirs by writers from Leo Tolstoy to Albert Camus, Toni Morrison, Michael Ondaatje, Zora Neale Hurston, Christopher Hitchens and many more, looking for a way that "might make all of this easier to grasp even though we cannot change the outcome.
Special messages are included, penned by Michael Ondaatje (The English Patient ), Nobel Laureate J.
He defends traditional figures like Robert Frost while suggesting that Margaret Atwood and Michael Ondaatje might be coasting just a bit.
The English Patient (1992) by Michael Ondaatje seems to be the work of Canadian literatura (Canlit) in English most easily identified with Canada in Spain.
The literary world has been in a civil war of words since PEN announced last week that Michael Ondaatje, Francine Prose and four other table hosts pulled out from the gala, citing what they say are the offensive cartoons of Muslims in Charlie Hebdo.
MICHAEL ONDAATJE, Francine Prose and at least four other writers have withdrawn from next month's PEN American Centre gala, objecting to the literary and human rights organisation honouring French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo.
Her name may be familiar to readers; she is the niece of writer Michael Ondaatje and the daughter of Christopher Ondaatje, author of Woolf in Ceylon: An Imperial Journey in the Shadow of Leonard Woolf.
In Stereotype" considers the influential work of Salman Rushdie, Aravind Adiga, Michael Ondaatje, Monica Ali, Mohsin Hamid, and Chetan Bhagat, among others, to illustrate how stereotypes about South Asia provide insight into the material and psychic investments of contemporary imaginative texts: the colonial novel, the transnational film, and the international best-seller.
In Re-Constructing the Fragments of Michael Ondaatje's Works/La diversite et reconstruite de l'oeuvre de Michael Ondaatje, edited by Jean Michel Lacroix, 41-33.
Anthony Minghella's Oscar-winning romantic drama, based on the novel by Michael Ondaatje, starring Ralph Fiennes, Juliette Binoche, Kristin Scott Thomas, Willem Dafoe, Naveen Andrews, Kevin Whately, Colin Firth, Julian Wadham, Clive Merrison and Jurgen Prochnow.
Deshaye focuses on four writers in order to conduct his study: Irving Layton, Leonard Cohen, Michael Ondaatje, and Gwendolyn MacEwen.