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, Lake
The third largest of the Great Lakes, chiefly between Wisconsin and Michigan. It is connected at its northern end with Lake Huron through the Straits of Mackinac.
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Celebrations kicked off for the grand opening of Michigan Lake Superior Power Company in Sault Ste.
A unique sister city program in a Michigan lake community offers multiple diplomas to Chinese and American high school juniors while generating millions of dollars in revenue for the district.
At ten years old, Rick Lenz witnessed a childhood prank go terribly wrong while at a Michigan lake. Lenz and his friend Dixie Thorpe had just changed into their swimsuits and were walking towards the dock when some older boys who appeared to be standing in shoulder deep water cajoled Thorpe into diving in.
Unionid bivalve influence on benthic algal community composition in a Michigan lake. J.
of North Carolina) writes a memoir centering around his family's vacations at a Michigan lake. The story focuses on his domineering mother and quiet father; much of the text is devoted to these two figures and their changing relationship to the author and each other throughout the years.
According to Fowler, Fairmount began its mission to lessen its environmental impact in the late 1970s, a time when it was known for destruction in the pursuit of mining Michigan lake sand for use in metalcasting facilities.
Michigan's Citizen Volunteers, Michigan Lake and Stream Associations, Inc., Michigan Department of Environmental Quality, Michigan State University Department of Fisheries and Wildlife & Great Lakes Commission.
Enthusiastically recommended, "Celebrate Breakfast!" is an impressive compendium of delicious, nutritious, "kitchen cook friendly", breakfast oriented recipes contributed by members of the Innkeepers of the Michigan Lake to Lake Bed & Breakfast Association combined with travel guide information for visitors to the Lake Michigan area.
When she built a home with her husband on a northern Michigan lake, her scientist's curiosity was piqued by the irritation her skin developed every time she went swimming.
'Mercury levels in canned tuna are high, but levels in Michigan lake fish are up to five times higher.' Incinerators, including medical-waste incinerators, are major sources of mercury in the air, which is then deposited in the Great Lakes and other waters.
Much like the beloved northern Michigan lake where her characters choose to live, Cole's matriarch, Mary Leader, is possessed of a will that's both brilliantly clear and opaquely complicated.

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