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Noun1.Mickey Spillane - United States writer of popular detective novels (born in 1918)Mickey Spillane - United States writer of popular detective novels (born in 1918)
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No wonder they have interpreted the message from above as more Mickey Spillane than Mickey and the Gang.
Yet, politicians and celebrities rarely said no to being interviewed by the man who surely would have been nicknamed "Mike Hammer" had it not already been assigned to Mickey Spillane's detective.
Ballard, Robert Leslie Bellem, Erle Stanley Gardner, Craig Rice, David Markson, Dashiell Hammett, Raymond Chandler, Mickey Spillane, John D.
For 10 years, Max Allan Collins has skillfully and loyally acted as literary executor for pulp mystery master Mickey Spillane, who left behind a number of unfinished manuscripts after his death in 2006.
When legendary mystery writer Mickey Spillane died in 2006, he left behind the manuscript of one last novel he'd just completed: "The Last Stand".
Another uncompleted Mickey Spillane manuscript finished by Max Collins finds Mike Hammer walking along the Hudson River in the middle of the night, unable to sleep, and discovering half a body, the upper torso, on an ice floe.
The title evokes Mickey Spillane's titles, such as I the Jury and Vengeance Is Mine.
It is also a city that has come to be closely associated with crime, both real and fictional, thanks to adaptations of hard-boiled detective novels by authors like Mickey Spillane, and Raymond Chandler.
In the raw, existence is just one damned thing after another, and each of the damned things is simultaneously Thurber and Michelangelo, simultaneously Mickey Spillane and Thomas a Kempis".'
There were no heavyweights like Tolstoy or Hugo on his shelves, though, mostly pulp paperbacks with racy women on the covers and the authors' names in bold on the spines (I recall Erle Stanley Gardner and Mickey Spillane).
"Choice" is filled with lots of suspense and sexuality and is in the Mickey Spillane mode of storytelling: slambang, graphic detail with a complex plot.
Powers also appeared as Moochie in the 1980s CBS series ''Mickey Spillane's Mike Hammer'' with Stacey Keach, and had guest roles on other TV shows including ''Gimmie a Break,'' ''Flamingo Road,'' ''The Greatest American Hero,'' ''The New Odd Couple,'' and ''Laverne & Shirley.''