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Variant of Mi'kmaq.


npl -macs or -mac
1. (Peoples) a member of a North American Indian people formerly living in the Maritime Provinces of Canada
2. (Languages) the language of this people, belonging to the Algonquian family


(ˈmɪk mæk)

n., pl. -macs, (esp. collectively) -mac.
1. a member of an American Indian people of the Maritime Provinces and the Gaspé Peninsula.
2. the Algonquian language of the Micmac.
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Noun1.Micmac - a member of the Algonquian people inhabiting the Maritime Provinces of CanadaMicmac - a member of the Algonquian people inhabiting the Maritime Provinces of Canada
Algonquian, Algonquin - a member of any of the North American Indian groups speaking an Algonquian language and originally living in the subarctic regions of eastern Canada; many Algonquian tribes migrated south into the woodlands from the Mississippi River to the Atlantic coast
2.Micmac - the Algonquian language of the Micmac
Algonquian language, Algonquin, Algonquian - family of North American Indian languages spoken from Labrador to South Carolina and west to the Great Plains
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He got awful sick and was sick for ever so long in a indian camp and only an old micmac squaw to wait on him.
In a next step, we conducted a MICMAC analysis (Matrice d'Impacts Croises Multiplication Appliques a un Classement, or Impact Matrix Cross-Reference Multiplication Applied to a Classification) to identify indirect relationships between the impact variables (Godet 1986).
Maine's Passamaquoddy and Micmac nations also are interested in cannabis.
Seguidamente se utilizo el programa MICMAC, para la identificacion de las variables clave, es decir, aquellas esenciales para el desarrollo del sector agropecuario de la zona de estudio, mediante una clasificacion directa, en terminos de la influencia y la dependencia de cada variable representadas sobre un plano cartesiano donde el eje de las abscisas (X) corresponde a la dependencia y el eje de las ordenadas (Y) a la influencia, dando lugar a la tipificacion de las variables en: estrategicas, determinantes, excluidas y de desafio (Figura 2).
Simon, the Crown had argued that the defendant had "not established any connection by 'descent or otherwise' with the original group of Micmac Indians inhabiting the eastern part of Nova Scotia in the Shubenacadie area" which had signed the Treaty of 1752.
La identificacion de variables clave, es decir, esenciales para la evolucion del sistema se presenta asi; en primer lugar mediante una clasificacion directa, y posteriormente por una clasificacion indirecta (llamada MICMAC para Matrices de Impactos Cruzados Multiplicacion Aplicada para una Clasificacion).
Para ello, el anlisis se desarrollo con la ayuda de la Matriz de Influencias Directas del software MICMAC (Laboratorio de Investigacion Prospectiva y Estrategica-LIPSOR, Paris).
Included in this last grouping are songs from the Micmac, Algonkian, Saulteaux, Cree, Sioux, Blackfoot, Blood, Nootka, Bella Coola, Tlingit, Kwakiutl, and Inuit nations all performed by First Nations singers.
Over the last 600 years, the state of Maine has overseen the destruction of more than 20 Native Maine tribes state wide, to the current situation of just four remaining Native Bands: the Micmac, Maliseet, Penobscot, and the Passamaquoddy (M.