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A machine or mechanism with parts smaller than a millimeter, as one fabricated using MEMS technology.
tr.v. mi·cro·ma·chined, mi·cro·ma·chin·ing, mi·cro·ma·chines
To machine or manufacture (MEMS components, microchips, or other parts) on the scale of less than one millimeter with a high degree of precision.
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Each free packet is worth 70p and contains a Micro Machine Car, a set of customisation stickers and one fun sticker.
With ever higher precision in calibration a major concern, Micro Machine Go, Kalamazoo, MI, finds its growing focus on producing multiple components and parts for the medical market is being strongly supported by newly purchased inspection equipment.
With hundreds and hundreds of Micro Machine cars available in classes like sports cars, concept cars and even utility vehicles, that makes for a lot of racing/collecting.
It had all playability and sheer addictiveness of any of the Micro Machine games that had gone before -and added 3D to the action.
Fasten your miniature seatbelts as classic racing game Micro Machines has made a spectacular comeback to next gen consoles.
gt;LilRacerz This excellent top-down racer brings back memories of Micro Machines and Super Sprint.
The gameplay hasn't changed since Micro Machines first appeared on the PlayStation around seven years ago but Infogrames has made an effort to smarten up the graphics and inject a little more humour into the pool of selectable drivers.
This week's top-notch game is old classic Micro Machines, restored and polished for the GameCube.
The single player mode sets you on a championship path through 24 courses, but Micro Machines comes into its own in multiplayer mode.
Micro Maniacs follows the million-selling Micro Machines 3, only this time the miniature vehicles are replaced by hilarious, inch-high cartoon characters who race around a number of wacky circuits.