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v. sprout·ed, sprout·ing, sprouts
1. To begin to grow; give off shoots or buds.
2. To emerge and develop rapidly: businesses that sprouted along the highway.
To allow or cause to come forth and grow: He sprouted a mustache.
1. Young plant growth, such as a bud or shoot.
2. Something resembling or suggestive of a sprout, as in rapid growth: "a tall blond sprout of a boy" (Anne Tyler).
3. sprouts
a. The young shoots of plants such as alfalfa and soybean, usually eaten raw.
b. Brussels sprouts.

[Middle English spruten, from Old English -sprūtanin āsprūtan, to sprout forth); see sper- in Indo-European roots.]
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Noun1.sprouting - the process whereby seeds or spores sprout and begin to growsprouting - the process whereby seeds or spores sprout and begin to grow
growing, growth, ontogenesis, ontogeny, maturation, development - (biology) the process of an individual organism growing organically; a purely biological unfolding of events involved in an organism changing gradually from a simple to a more complex level; "he proposed an indicator of osseous development in children"
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Also featured are Stoli Elit wasabi-infused roasted beet and cabbage horseradish, Cristal-infused French mustard and micro-green herbs.
Choose your micro-green seeds and follow the planting instructions.
I'm also impressed by the micro-green section with all you need to grow these tasty and fashionable greens on your windowsill.
This sort of sums up the O'Shin Asian fusion experience at the Elysium hotel where one can delight in salmon, sea bass and tuna atop perfect pillows of sticky vinegared rice all set upon beautiful dishes where the food canvas employs colour, and a dish can resemble a still life with its own micro-green forest.
this perspective will be built around preponderant axes such as the promotion of the micro-green (mont-les-ups and small-island) and strengthening its attractiveness among others.
Naturally, seeds planted for micro-green production are not the expensive first-generation (F1) seeds.
The farm produces an extensive range of lettuces, micro-greens, baby leaf herb varieties, which add complex flavours to salads, main dishes, sandwiches and soups.
One of her favorites is the signature Taza salad with quinoa, wild arugula, fresh romaine, micro-greens, beets, mangoes and blue ternate flowers for aplomb.
The Greens and Patches is a two-hectare nursery and demo farm where you can find various vegetable plots, vertical gardens, and a greenhouse for growing micro-greens.
Spread over 8,500 square metres, Badia Farms produces nearly 18 varieties of micro-greens including arugula, kale, radish, red cabbage, basil and mustard.
The farm produces an extensive range of micro-greens and baby leaf herb varieties.