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(ˈmaɪ kroʊˌbraʊ zər)
Computers. a browser adapted for use with mobile phones and other handheld wireless devices.
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a leading developer of software and services for wireless phones, has licensed Certicom's security technology for the Pixo Internet Microbrowser for wireless phones.
Web microbrowser enables customers to access any HTML Web site anytime, anywhere - a function not found in any other current in-market wireless Internet offering.
Neomar's products include a microbrowser, which runs on the mobile device, a WAP gateway which links wireless networks with the wired TCP/IP world, and a mobile portal which provides content and services for the business user.
a start-up company focused on delivering wireless applications to enterprises and mobile professionals, today announced that Research In Motion (Nasdaq: RIMM) will make available the WAP-based Neomar microbrowser and Mobile Portal to BlackBerry(TM) customers, delivering to mobile professionals wireless access to critical Internet information, and soon to be available, enterprise applications.
that will allow American Mobile eLink(SM) wireless email subscribers to use Neomar's Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) based microbrowser to access the World Wide Web.
Neomar is also delivering a WAP gateway and application server, which along with the microbrowser and portal, provide an end-to-end solution for partners to deliver WAP content to their customers.
EIS has implemented iPanel microbrowser for XILLEON powered set top boxes (STB) to provide a graphical user interface that is fully customizable by the network operators, as well as full web browsing functionality.
3 /CNW-PRN/ - Certicom, a leading provider of next-generation encryption technology, and The EDGE Consultants, a leading online interactive services company, today announced a licensing agreement whereby The EDGE will license Certicom's WTLS Plus(TM) wireless encryption technology for use with the WAPman(TM) microbrowser and WAP gateway.
Microbrowser has been developed in a joint project by AU System Mobile, Sweden, and Setec on Setec's 16K SIM card.
a groundbreaking company that developed microbrowser and mobile internet solutions for the mobile phone industry -- became the first Microsoft acquisition in the UK in over a decade.
Infowave for Exchange to Support WAP and Microsoft Microbrowser
Pixo products include the Pixo Mobile Download Server, the Pixo OS Platform and its open standard HTML/cHTML Pixo Internet Microbrowser.