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(ˈmaɪ kroʊˌbraʊ zər)
Computers. a browser adapted for use with mobile phones and other handheld wireless devices.
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Mobile microbrowsers with screen resolutions below 240x320 are automatically routed to their W3C mobileOK "MiniPage" located at m.soiledlinenbags.com.
--handsets--any usefully defined software characteristics such as operating system calls, form and use of microbrowsers to display content, etc.;
City drivers, dock-workers, dispatchers and others are connected to the system and to customers in real time via handheld microbrowsers. This allows for rapid shipment pickups, paperless dock operations and optimal load planning.
To support our reengineering, we are expanding the use of microbrowsers by our drivers and freight handling personnel.
Messaging capabilities are becoming popular, and are even available on phones without microbrowsers. Short message service (SMS) lets users transmit text messages of up to 160 characters to and from mobile phones.
* Built-in microbrowsers that allow access to traffic news, weather news and shopping;
The company's main business is providing voice and text content service for mobile phones featuring WAP-based microbrowsers. For more information visit www.mti.co.jp or send e-mail to info@mti.com.jp.
Other phones are equipped with microbrowsers which access the Internet.
They use microbrowsers (in the study's case, both were WAP 1.1 compliant) to view and manipulate content.
Seattle-based 4thpass, Inc., a provider of WAP-based wireless microbrowsers that run on Palm and Java platforms, has unveiled 4thpass KBrowser Preview 2 version for devices using the Palm OS.
WML itself has been specifically devised for small screens and one-hand navigation without a keyboard, while WAP phones don't run normal Web browsers but microbrowsers, which have small file sizes that can accommodate the low bandwidth of wireless networks.
In addition e-Lab 2000+ offers an ability to handle new technologies such as WAP, IDTV and microbrowsers.