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A tiny, nonpalpable deposit of calcium in breast tissue that is visible on a mammogram, can be scattered or clustered, and can indicate either cancer or benign tissue changes.
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[9, 10] Hypoechogenicity, microcalcifications, irregular or microlobulated margins, taller-than-wide shape, and increased intranodular vascularity are risk factors for malignancy, [11] The presence of intrinsic microcalcification seems the most reliable criterion on which increased suspicion for malignancy in thyroid nodules.
Patients suspected of different types of malignancies (i.e., uncertain, speculation, severe hypokinesia, microcalcification, adenopathy, and complex cyst) were revisited and referred for mammography or biopsy for pathological examination or surgery (if necessary).
The positive predictive value of BI-RADS microcalcification descriptors and final assessment categories.
After 20 days, cells were washed with PBS, fixed with 50% ethanol and 18% formaldehyde, and stained with alizarin red and von Kossa for detection of microcalcification (IHC World).
Our study confirmed the predictive value of age and multifocality for CLNM in both male and female groups and showed that tumor size and microcalcification lost their predictive value for CLNM in male PTC patients.
The early signs for breast cancer are masses and microcalcification but the abnormalities and normal breast tissues are often difficult to be differentiated due to their subtle appearance and ambiguous margins [3].
Mammogram-based breast cancer diagnosis studies can be categorized as microcalcification detection, mass detection, and mass recognition.
Mammography imaging characteristics differed among breast cancer in different pathological types; the specific performance included irregular boundary of lump, microcalcification, local compact infiltration, structural distortion, nipple retraction, thickening or retraction of local skin (Fig.3 and 4), or clear breast anatomical structure, regular form, even density and thick calcification (Fig.5 and 6).
Pb group: The photograph indicates a slight tubular necrosis and tubular microcalcification (beginning of lithiasis).
Chen and V Dilsizian, "Targeted PET/CT imaging of vulnerable atherosclerotic plaques: microcalcification with sodium fluoride and inflammation with fluorodeoxyglucose," Current Cardiology Reports, vol.
Notably, up to one-third of non-palpable breast cancers can present with calcifications alone, [2] which further highlights the importance of accurate analysis of microcalcification patterns.