microglia cells

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mi·crog·li·a cells

, microglial cells
n. células de microglia, pequeñas células intersticiales migratorias que pertenecen al sistema nervioso.
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The Influence of Biphalin on TLR4, MyD88, and TRIF Expression in Vehicle- and LPS-Treated Microglial Cells. The TLR4 protein level was downregulated in microglia from 1.0 [+ or -] 0.09 to 0.67 [+ or -] 0.04 (Figure 7(a)) in LPS-stimulated cells compared with control cells.
The number and density of microglial cells were higher in several aged brain areas, maybe to maintain the overall function.
BV2 microglial cells were treated with LPS at a concentration of 1 [micro]g/mL alone or in combination with PCA or HBA at the indicated concentrations in cell culture medium.
The time course of pathological events in Down's syndrome with particular reference to the involvement of microglial cells and deposits of [Beta]/A4.
Its production is initiated in macrophages and microglial cells following stimulation by various cytokines mainly IL-1 and IL-2.
Cannabinoids ablate release of TNF-[alpha] in rat microglial cells stimulated with lypopolysaccharide.
How microglial cells become weakened in Alzheimer's is not fully understood, Kettenmann says.
Table 3 Inhibitory effects of silymarin on nitric oxide (NO) and reactive oxygen species (ROS) production induced by lipopolysaccharide (LPS) in murine microglial cells. NO ([mu]M) ROS (fluorescence intensity) Control N.A.
In the absence of external stimulation, microglial cells remain in the resting state.
The labeling of tissue sections with anti-Iba1 antibodies revealed both a significant proliferation and enlargement of microglial cells (Figure 2).
GRP78 was also excluded as a receptor protein for JEV in a recent study investigating possible JEV receptor proteins expressed by microglial cells [19].
The confluent cultures were shaken at (200 rpm, 37) for 4 hours to separate the remaining microglial cells and oligodendroglial cells.