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Noun1.Microhylidae - narrow-mouthed toads and sheep frogsMicrohylidae - narrow-mouthed toads and sheep frogs; some burrow and some are arboreal; found worldwide
amphibian family - any family of amphibians
Gastrophryne, genus Gastrophryne - primarily tropical narrow-mouthed toads
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Schluter & Salas (1991) mentioned that tadpoles of two microhylid species (Amphibia: Microhylidae) from Peru were caught by freshwater crabs (Dilocarcinus sp.
2017 Biological notes on an enigmatic microhylid, Gastrophrynoides borneensis (Anura, Microhylidae).
Body size, diet and endoparasites of the microhylid frog Chiasmocleis capixaba in an Atlantic Forest area of Southern Bahiastate, Brazil.
Normal development of Microhyla ornata: The first description of the complete embryonic and larval stages for the microhylid frogs (Amphibia: Anura).
Microhylid frogs, one of the most speciose and morphologically diverse groups of amphibians (Trueb et al., 2011; Roelants et al., 2011), have received relatively little attention.
The Indian Painted frog Kaloula taprobanica Parker, 1934 is a common, semi-fossorial, nocturnal insectivorous species of microhylid frog distributed in South Asia, including Sri Lanka, peninsular India and Bangaldesh (Biju 2001, Chanda 2002, Daniel 2002, Daniels 2005, Dutta and Manamendra-Arachchi 1996, Dutta 1997, Giri et al.
Uperodon systoma: Record of a new microhylid frog from Pakistan.