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n. Archaeology
A very small blade made of flaked stone and used as a tool, especially in the European Mesolithic Period.

mi′cro·lith′ic (-lĭth′ĭk) adj.
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(Archaeology) archaeol a small Mesolithic flint tool which was made from a blade and formed part of hafted tools
ˌmicroˈlithic adj
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(ˈmaɪ krə lɪθ)

a very small stone tool made from a sharp blade-shaped piece of stone and used as the working part of a composite tool or weapon, esp. in Mesolithic times.
mi`cro•lith′ic, adj.
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1. a very small isotropic needlelike crystal, found usually in volcanic rocks.
2. a very small stone tooi or part of a tool, as a tooth of a primitive saw. — microlithic, adj.
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A small prehistoric flint tool.
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Here, the team of researchers examined microliths small stone arrowheads/barbs used in hunting, to see how their design and usage by Mesolithic hunter-gatherers shifted in conjunction with climatic and environmental changes.
Prof Stoneking in an interview said: 'We have a pretty clear signal from looking at a large number of genetic markers from all across the genome that there was contact between India and Australia somewhere around 4,000 to 5,000 years ago.' Amazingly, the appearance of Australian dingoes and microliths (or fine tools) appear in Australia in this time period, and that the dingo is almost similar genetically to the Indian wolf - our 'janglee' dogs.
The stone is chert, a flint-like substance used to chip small razor sharp blades off (microliths) which were used by our ancient ancestors to build composite tools to hunt with.
In Stratum III, the 'international style' Beaker appeared, decorated with geometric horizontal bands, together with non-decorated, polished, slim sherds, a small copper dagger, a rectangular wrist guard and six half-moon-shaped microliths. In Stratum II, a noticeably small copper dagger was recovered, probably for ritual purposes, along with one arrowhead, three rectangular wrist guards and ten obsidian microliths in half-moon shape.
An ultrasound revealed diffuse microliths throughout.
5) is formed by microcrystalline groundmass which contains microliths of plagioclase, microscopic grains of pyroxene and opaque mineral.
Along with this many cysts contain eosinophilic bodies with concentric and radial patterns that resemble spheroliths and microliths that have been reported in 6 cases [3, 5, 12].
Role of microliths in the etiology of chronic submandibular sialadenitis: a clinicopathological investigation of 154 cases Histopathology.
Mode 5 tools are the microliths, very small blades used as inserts in compound tools.
PAM is characterized by intra-alveolar deposition of calcium phosphates in both lungs in form of microliths ranging from 0.02 to 0.3cm in size.
Pictures include: Stone axe fragments experts can trace to |Penmaenmawr A daub from an interior wall of one of the |Neolithic houses Decorated Neolithic pottery | Flint microliths (a small tool) | CR Archeology have now packed up their work at the site for time being and the process of cataloguing each item and carbon dating soil samples has begun.
Later tools included Aurignacian blades (bottom right) and smaller implements called microliths (top right).