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(Chemistry) a device used in microanalysis that focuses radiation on a small area of a sample, exciting secondary radiation for analysis
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(ˈmaɪ krəˌproʊb)

1. a device used to excite radiation by a material in order to determine chemical or elemental composition from the emission spectrum produced.
2. a miniature probe for use in microsurgery.
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Gold grains from the panned concentrate samples were collected and detailed morphological features and the alloy composition was studied using SEM-EDS in the University of Peshawar and Electron Microprobe at the University of Leeds, UK.
She brings extensive experience evaluating geological and building materials using polarized-light microscopy and other petrographic methods; scanning electron microscopy with x-ray spectroscopy; electron microprobe analysis; x-ray fluorescence or diffraction; plus, physical and chemical testing methods.
Sarafian learned that WHOI geologist Nobu Shimizu had developed a technique to measure water trapped in glass pockets in basaltic seafloor rocks, using the Northeast National Ion Microprobe Facility at WHOI.
Chemical analysis carried out by electron microprobe (Jeol JXA 8200 at the Institute for Geosciences, Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz, Germany) yielded 73.47 wt.% Si[O.sub.2], 3.72 wt.% [Al.sub.2] [O.sub.3], 6.68 wt.% [Na.sub.2]O, 8.59 wt.% [K.sub.2]O, 3.40 wt.% FeO and 0.64 wt.% MnO.
Prior to that, he served as senior vice president & general manager of the company's MicroProbe Product group.
has improved available options with the introduction of the InSEM HT Mechanical Properties Microprobe, which, for the first time, allows materials testing under load up to 500 C in an electron microscope or other vacuum environment.
A microprobe analysis of sample material taken at the time concluded that Dacite was not the source for the gold in this region.
It also served as a showcase for the best worldwide facilities, including the intense positron beam facility at Munich and the positron microprobe at AIST, Japan.
The executives positioned the MicroProbe Product Business Unit as the leading supplier in the high-growth SoC market of MEMS, vertical, and cantilever probe cards.
17 October 2012 - US semiconductor wafer probe cards maker FormFactor Inc (NASDAQ:FORM) said on Wednesday it had finalised a USD116.8m (EUR89.1m) cash-and-stock deal to take over MicroProbe Inc, which provides wafer test solutions to semiconductor manufacturers, from Astria Semiconductor Holdings Inc.
JEOL streamlines the imaging and analytical workflow between the optical microscope and the SEM or microprobe, allowing the user to quickly pinpoint precise regions of interest on a sample for viewing at ultra-high magnifications.