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Noun1.Micropterus - American freshwater black bassesMicropterus - American freshwater black basses  
fish genus - any of various genus of fish
black bass - widely distributed and highly prized American freshwater game fishes (sunfish family)
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If about a dozen genera of birds had become extinct or were unknown, who would have ventured to have surmised that birds might have existed which used their wings solely as flappers, like the logger-headed duck(Micropterus of Eyton); as fins in the water and front legs on the land, like the penguin; as sails, like the ostrich; and functionally for no purpose, like the Apteryx.
Determinacion de la edad y crecimiento de (Micropterus salmoides) en la presa Aurelio Benassini Vizcaino "El Salto".
Seven species not previously reported from Cox Creek included: river chub Nocomis micropogon (Cope), telescope shiner Notropis telescopus (Cope), golden redhorse Moxostoma erythrurum (Rafinesque), chain pickerel Esox niger Lesueur, smallmouth bass Micropterus dolomieu Lacepede, greenside darter Etheostoma blennioides (Rafinesque), and banded darter Etheostoma zonale (Cope).
Tambem se aproxima da digestibilidade da MS observada em alevinos de "largemouth bass" (Micropterus salmoides), alimentados somente com proteina vegetal e atractantes (73,94%) (SAMPAIO-OLIVEIRA & CYRINO, 2008).
The black bass (Micropterus salmoides Lacepede, 1802) coming from North America and introduced into a small reservoir in southern Brazil showed lower values in the max length and of longevity, and higher rates of growth and mortality than native populations (Schulz and Leal, 2005).
Etnier and Starnes (1993) listed salamanders as effective natural baits for black basses, Micropterus spp., and writers of popular bass fishing books tout the use of salamanders as bait as well (Circle, 2000; Weiss, 2001).
Pelican Lake contains northern pike (Esox lucius) and largemouth bass (Micropterus salmoides), top-level piscivores, while Marsh Lake contains no predatory fish species.
Description of the current fish assemblage and identification of factors structuring the assemblage will allow for determination of future changes in the Blanco River fish assemblage and prediction of impacts of anthropogenic disturbance within the watershed on regional and drainage endemic species (e.g., Dionda nigrotaeniata, Macrhybopsis marconis, and Micropterus treculii) as well as the overall assemblage.
Brady immersed himself into examining population characteristics of largemouth bass (Micropterus salmoides) and was captured by the prospects of a career in conservation.
Lagos bat virus isolates recorded to date Year of Geographic origin isolation Animal Lagos, Nigeria 1956 Bat (Eidolon helvum) Bozo, Central African Republic 1974 Bat (Micropterus pusillus) Pinetown, South Africa (3 isolates) 1980 Bat (Epomophorus wahlbergi) Stanger, South Africa 1982 Cat Kindia, Senegal 1985 Bat (Nycteris cambiensis) Dakar, Senegal 1985 Bat (E.